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UMP Deluxe Bed Sentry V Pneumatic Alarm and Pad

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Item # 002-95360

Unlike traditional bed pressure sensor pads, this sensor pad goes under the mattress. This sensor placement virtually eliminates false alarms. The large 24" x 36" monitoring pad won't shift out of position. Because the pressure-sensitive air bladder pad goes under the mattress not under the sheet it is not intrusive to the resident. It won't interfere with pressure-relieving surfaces, and you won't have to be concerned with incontinence problems. The system features automatic reset and in-room alarm silencer. If the patient triggers the alarm and then returns to bed, the alarm will silence and return to monitoring mode. There's no need to manually reset the system. In-room alarm can also be set to silent mode if desired, allowing patient to sleep uninterrupted. When alarm is triggered, a signal is sent through the nurse call system to the nurse's station, alerting staff that patient needs assistance. (Nurse call system must be engaged when using alarm in silent mode.) You control the delay setting (0-6 seconds) depending on the desired level of sensitivity. Two volume settings. Hidden power switch to help prevent unauthorized deactivation. Self-rechargeable battery backup system. Two-year pad guarantee. For use with patients 60 lbs. and up. Two Bed Sentry Spring Mats and mounting brackets included.
UMP Deluxe Bed Sentry V Pneumatic Alarm and Pad