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Soft Shell Helmet - Color: Royal Blue, Size: Large

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Item # 002-80820402

Weighs less than 8 oz. for lightweight protection. Woven chin strap with snap fastener has an adjustable buckle for comfortable fit. Includes one set of four Cushion Pads. Latex free. Measuring Guide for Danmar Helmets - Measure the head circumference around the entire head (A) at eyebrow level. Occipital measurement (B) is taken from eyebrow level to the back of the head at the point that the helmet is to end. Measure the distance over the top of the head (C) to top of ears. Use the (A) circumference for a guideline (its the only measurement that CANNOT be larger than the helmet you're ordering or it will not fit on the head). If the B and C measurements are smaller than whats indicated for the size this can be remedied by use of Cushion Pads.
Soft Shell Helmet - Color: Royal Blue, Size: Large