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SMART Bed Pad, CordLess - 10"x30" (1 year warranty)

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Item # 002-GBT-RI

Quiet and CordLess! For 2011 Smart Caregiver introduces revolutionary fall monitoring technology; CordLess!Smarta??s CordLess System products use patented wireless technology that eliminates cords between bed pads, chair pads and floor mats to monitors, pagers and central monitors.Complete Control Over Alert VolumeCaregivers can adjust the alert to any volume from 0 and 110 decibels Create a Comprehensive Fall Monitoring SystemEasily add components such as chair sensor pads, floor mats, pagers and central monitors Easily Integrate with Existing Fall Management ProgramsCordLess central monitoring, paging and TamperProof technology result in accurate evaluation of resident fall risk Reduce Resident TamperingMonitors can be placed out of resident's reach. Plus, Smart's Caregiver Keymode ensures that only caregivers can reset monitors Reduce Tripping Hazards and Eliminate Broken or TangledPad
SMART Bed Pad, CordLess - 10"x30" (1 year warranty)