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Pulse Oximeter Onyx Finger Tip

In stockEstimated ship date: 10/21/2018

Item # 002-PO9500

Designed with a built-in finger clip sensor, the Onyx gives you reliable SpO2 and pulse rates quickly and easily. Its compact, 2 oz. size is perfect for on-the-go spot checking. Automatically activates when a finger is inserted and deactivates when the finger is removed. Color-coded perfusion indicator alerts you to changes in pulse signal that may affect SpO2 data. Operates on two AAA batteries for approximately 1,600 spot checks (45 seconds each) or for up to twelve hours of continuous use. LED display flashes when ita??s time to replace the batteries. Requires no other maintenance or calibration. Automatic built-in Anti-Motion Software. Comes complete with: Instruction and Service Manual, Lanyard cord and lock, Two AAA batteries.Two-year warranty
Pulse Oximeter Onyx Finger Tip