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Pulse Oximeter & CO2 Detector - No Alarm

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Item # 002-9843

The Nonin 9843 sensor includes an airway adapter tube with a low 6 cc dead space and anti-fog coating for superior performance. The single-user airway adapter tube eliminates cross-contamination and is compatible with pediatric through adult endotracheal tubes. An easy-to-interpret and highly visible LED bar graph is standard on all Nonin 9840 Series models. Product HighlightsProven Used by patient transport and emergency professionals worldwide. Flexible Choice of non-alarm, apnea alarm, or full-alarm models. First Breath Active No warm-up required. Rugged Drop and vibration tested. Easy-to-Use Intuitive key pad. Cost-Effective No calibration required. Designed for short-term patient transport and emergency use - eliminates the needs for two devices while withstanding the daily challenge of the emergency healthcare environment Verification of endotracheal tube placement with CO2 detection Simultaneous or independent operation of pulse oximeter and CO2 detector Compatible with a full range of Nonin Pulse Oximeter Sensors for all patient applications Rugged design - drop and vibration tested Up to 90 hours continuous battery life (6 AA alkalines) Three year Nonin warranty - Oximeter One year Nonin warranty - Carbon Dioxide Sensor SpecificationsOxygen Saturation Range (%SpO2): 0% to 100% Pulse Rate Range: 18 to 300 pulses per minute CO2 Range: 0 to 75 mmHg Respiration Rate Range: 1 to 60 breaths/minute Breath Detection Threshold: 5 mm Hg Measurement Wavelengths : Red 660 nanometers Infrared 910 nanometers Displays : Numeric Displays Two 3-digit 7-segment LEDs (light emitting diodes) Pulse Quality Tricolor LED segments CO2 8 segment LED bar graph Accuracy: Blood Oxygen Saturation (%SpO2) 70 - 100%
Pulse Oximeter & CO2 Detector - No Alarm