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Progressive Palm Protector With Wrist Support Left

In stockEstimated ship date: 07/22/2018

Item # 002-CA812301

Protector with Wrist Support, Tight hands with moderate to severe spasticity or contractures or non-spastic hands to provide a functional position in a soft splint. 90 MCP flexion. Provides comfortable hand positioning for neurological conditions and arthritis. Particularly effective when skin integrity problems are present. Wrist support style has a removable Ezeform stay that needs to be molded for desired wrist extension. To determine which series to use, extend the fingers as far as comfortably tolerated. Measure flexion angle at MCP joint of tightest finger. Splint comes with one foam palm piece.Replace only the foam palm piece when condition improves. Fits most adults. Latex free.
Progressive Palm Protector With Wrist Support Left