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Portable Shower Bench

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Item # 002-12023

Portable Shower Bench This one-piece shower bench from Drive Medical adds convenience, comfort and safety to your bathroom. It's sleek, slim, one piece design makes it great for storage or for individuals who travel. The handle provides additional safety and stability for the user, and drain holes eliminates water buildup. Rubber stops on the underside of the bench will protect your tub and provide a secure and snug fit. The product is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.One piece shower bench adds convenience, comfort, and safety to the bathroom. It is portable for easy storage and travel. Handle provides additional safety and stability for the user. Rubber stops help protect tub from scratches. Drain holes prevent pooling. Limited Lifetime Warranty.Width: 14.5"; Length: 30.5"; Product Weight: 5.5"Plastic White Standard
Portable Shower Bench