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DermaSeptin Ointment 4oz. Tube

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Item # 005-00212

DermaSeptin Ointment is a non-prescription skin cream that provides a barrier to prevent irritation from moisture and to promote healing. Its active ingredients are Zinc Oxide and Menthol. DermaSeptin is used for skin irritations from incontinence episodes, feeding tube leaks, wound exudates, and perspiration. It can also be used for diaper rash and minor burns and scrapes. Uses: moisture barrier, promotes healing of skin, irritation from urine and diarrhea, first aid for minor cuts, burns and scrapes. Protects and soothes irritated or chaffed skin, diaper rash, wound drainage, hemorrhoids, urine incontinence, rectal incontinence, feeding tube site leakage.
DermaSeptin Ointment 4oz. Tube