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Hearing Enhancer

In stockEstimated ship date: 07/22/2018

Item # 002-POS8274

Looking for a discrete way to improve your hearing? Meet the New Posey Hearing Enhancer. This is the first year that the Hearing Enhancer has been available, but get ready for a great future with this new device. The built-in, high sensitivity microphone takes normal sounds and amplifies them; making them much more distinct and clear. Use the Posey Hearing Enhancer to listen to music, watch television, or just visit with family and friends.An easy to operate volume dial allows for adjustment of how much sound is amplified. Soft ear buds are included that are similar to ones you would use with a portable CD or MP3 player. In fact, most people will assume that you are listening to a music player and not using a hearing enhancer. The size of the device allows it to be easily hidden in your pocket and taken with you anywhere you go. A long-lasting LR44 battery is included with the device that will provide high quality sound amplification for a long period of time.
Hearing Enhancer