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GelRite Hand Sanitizer 4oz.

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Item # 005-00104


GelRite antimicrobial waterless sanitizing gel. Handwash formulated for healthcare personnel offers fast-acting, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. Supplements routine hand washing protocols for compliance where water, soap, sink, towels are unavailable. No rinse required; no sticky or tacky residues - ideal for medication, treatment carts; ambulances and emergency vehicles. Contains rich, soothing emollients; helps keep skin soft even with repeated use.

GelRite is a 65% ethyl acohol hand sanitizer. Because we utilize ethyl alcohol and vitamin E in our formulation, GelRite is easier on the skin than most sanitizers on the market. GelRite kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, which makes it a perfect choice for use as a health care personnel hand wash. Fast acting broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. Soothing rich emollients help to keep hands soft, even after repeated use.

GelRite Hand Sanitizer 4oz.