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Anti Thrust Cushion With Gel Pad Firm Base 18 x 16

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Item # 002-757125

Anti-Thrust Cushion Control sliding with this comfortable alternative to a pommel cushion Anti-thrust barrier eliminates forward and sacral sitting problems Helps maintain pelvic neutrality Provides a comfortable slide-control alternative to pommel cushions High-density foam increases comfort and relieves pressure Contoured base eliminates sling-seat hammocking and minimizes seat rise Choose soft or firm base Fluid-proof Low-Shear II cover prevents skin-damaging friction –wipes clean Available water-based gel pod provides pressure relief in the coccyx area Safety straps secure cushion to wheelchair All models measure 18" x 16" New anti-slip bottom for added user safety. 002-757110 Anti-Thrust Cushion, Foam Only, Soft Base 002-757115 Anti-Thrust Cushion, w/ Gel Pad, Soft Base 002-757120 Anti-Thrust Cushion, Foam Only, Firm Base 002-757125 Anti-Thrust Cushion, w/Gel Pad, Firm Base
Anti Thrust Cushion With Gel Pad Firm Base 18 x 16