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Alimed Wireless Bed Alarm System

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AliMed Wireless Remote Sensor Pad Alarm System Our newest Sensor Pad Alarm System has incorporated all of the features of our previous bed sensor pad systems plus additional functions, including a wireless alarm unit and a programmable hold button on the patient alarm unit.Wireless Remote Alarm Unit Traditional sensor pad alarms sound only at the bedside, making it a challenge for staff to quickly locate the patient in need. Bedside patient alarm units are also often upsetting to patients and can interfere with their sleep and that of their roommates. With the wireless remote alarm option, the alarm can sound at the bedside and outside of the room simultaneously, or sound and flash outside of the room only. This makes it easier for staff to locate the patient quickly and helps reduce the incidence of patient tampering with the alarm.Programmable Hold Button allows staff to place the alarm unit in a temporary hold mode while assisting the patient. While alarm is on hold, the patient can move off the pad without the alarm sounding. Once the hold period expires, the system automatically resets. Ensures the alarm won't be inadvertently left off! Hold period can be set for 5, 15, 30, or 60 seconds and can be extended by pressing the button again.Nurse Call Jack lets you plug the patient's nurse-call cord into the patient alarm unit. When the alarm is triggered, the unit sends a signal to the nurse's station, indicating a patient is in need of assistance.Specifications:Patient Alarm Unit: Tamper-resistant power switch Low-battery light/tone Battery (3 AAA, included) or AC power (12V, 300 mA (not included) Two volume setting 0, 2, 4 sec. delay settings Remote Alarm Unit: Magnetic or screw mount On/Off switch Low-Battery light/tone Battery (4C, included) or AC power (12 V, 300 mA (not included) Volume setting Pressure Sensor Pads: Chair: 15" x 10" Bed: 30" x 11" Patient unit can function with only one sensor pad at a time
Alimed Wireless Bed Alarm System